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May 10th Jump Off


Bearcat News

Men's college basketball early top 25 (updated edition) - ESPN
UC in at 19.

University of Cincinnati Official Athletic Site
Interesting analysis here from Paul Dehner

UC Volleyball Spring Wrap-Up - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
I didn't even know that Spring Volleyball existed until today

Baseball Legend Johnny Bench Visits UC Baseball - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
I am obviously not a baseball guy but this is still cool

Josh Schneider Races For A Spot On World Championship Team - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
I really hope Josh Schneider gets this done.

Women's Soccer Releases 2011 Schedule - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
The University of Cincinnati women's soccer team will play six matches against teams that made the NCAA Tournament a season ago, including national champion Notre Dame, head coach Michelle Salmon announced Monday. Will Cincinnati's Offense Be Any Better?
Scott from the Bearcats Blog got some run over at College Football News.

Recruiting Football Recruiting - Rivals250: Jinkens checks in at No. 101
A lot of UC targets on the list. Football Recruiting - Memphis boasts pair of nation's best backs
Like these two guys from Memphis who both have UC offers.

Around The Big East

Wally Judge transfers to Rutgers -
It worked before, sort of, why not try it again?

Syracuse Football: Tulane Game Moved To 7 PM, Atone Away! - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician

Football upgrade for Villanova in a holding pattern -
Seriously? Move on, both of you

What Ashton Gibbs' Return Means For Pitt - SB Nation Pittsburgh
More on Ashton Gibbs decision to remain at Pitt

Nationally Recognized

Russell Westbrook's itchy trigger finger - TrueHoop Blog - ESPN
I have a feeling that most people didn't stay up until 1:30 to catch the end of the Thunder Grizzlies game last night. But fair warning this series is riviting and going to 7 and the dynamics between Russell Westbrook and Kevin "Durantula" Durant are fascinating to watch.

Oregon Ducks Haunt Their Opponents -
I am a sucker for Football to Football comparisons and this one has a good one, comparing Oregon to the Johan Cruyff led Ajax squads of the early 70's. Though the better one might be to the current Barcelona squads and their method of play.

Headlinin’: Ealey’s exit puts Bulldogs’ ball in Isaiah Crowell’s hands - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Let's just say its been an active week in the transfer window.

Reading This Will Make You Smarter

The Coming Euro Crack-Up | The Weekly Standard
A centralized curreny was good for Europe. What wasn't was decentralized monetary policy right Greece...Ireland...Spain..?