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Updated Football Depth Charts

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One of the things that I really enjoy about following the game of College Football is figuring out where all the pieces fit together. I follow recruiting, pretty extensively, or as extensively as is possible without paying money to do so. Either way I track the players and how they develop and what they might be capable of down the line. Still that is all just projections, and guesswork at the worst. The most basic continuation of that enjoyment for me is trying to figure out how the team will be put together in a particular season. I enjoy trying to figure out what the depth chart in September will look like in May. Taking that into consideration it should be no surprise to you, the reader, that I have constructed a two deep depth chart based on the post spring developments.



Dyjuan Lewis

Alex Chisum


D.J. Woods

Anthony McClung
Shaq Washington


Sean Hooey

T.J. Franklin


Randy Martinez

Dan Sprauge


Evan Davis

Sean McClellan


Austin Bujnoch 
Andre Cureton


Alex Hoffman

Kevin Schlomer


Adrian Robinson
Travis Kelce

Blake Annen




Kenbrell Thompkins

Chris Moore




Zach Collaros

Brendan Kay
Jordan Luallen


Isaiah Pead

Darrin Williams

Note: Presumptive starters are italicized. "-OR-" indicates an ongoing position battle

The offensive line is still a massive, massive concern. I have a lot of faith in Sean Hooey, Alex Hoffman and Randy Martinez but after those three it gets very dicey, very quickly. My faith in Even Davis to adequately perform at Center is, at this point, naught. I still have nightmares about his pitiful performance in the Fresno State game.


Davis made Logan Harrell look like an All American. Don't get me wrong, Harrell is a very, very good college DT. But he wasn't as good as his match up with Davis made him look.

Beyond the obvious issues up front the offense seems more or less settled. I would be stunned if that WR trio wasn't the starting group against Austin Peay. Beyond the starters there isn't a ton of proven depth.  Beyond D.J. Woods and Anthony McClung there isn't a receiver on the roster who has caught double digit passes as a Bearcat. UC is going to rely heavily on Dyjuan Lewis and Kenbrell Thompkins, two immensly talented guys who have yet to play a snap of major College Football.

The biggest position battles on offense are between Andre Cureton and Austin Bujnoch for the RG spot and between Jordan Luallen and Brendon Kay for the backup QB spot. Darrin Williams is the #2 at RB behind Isaiah Pead, but he is going to have a hell of a time fighting off Jameel Poteat and the rest of the freshman backs.



Dominique Battle

Camerron Cheatham


Walter Stewart

Monte Taylor
Rob Trigg


Derek Wolfe

Jordan Stepp
Roney Lozano


John Hughes

Brandon Mills
Brad Harrah


Dan Giordano

Cameron Beard


Reuben Johnson


Chris Williams

Patrick White


Maalik Bomar

Nick Temple


Solomon Tentman

Greg Blair


J.K. Schaffer

Antwan Darling


Drew Frey

Patrick  White


Malcolm Murray

 I for one feel much, much better about the defensive line post spring then I did pre spring. Walter Stewart simply makes a world of difference for that entire group. Last year offenses had to gameplan around one guy on the defensive line, Derek Wolfe. He had some nagging injuries, played about two seasons worth of snaps and was double teamed constantly. Offenses won't have that option this year because Wolfe and Stewart will require the offenses attention. Having those two guys is going to make everyone better.

The other great thing is that from a position of zero depth last December UC is going to have 10 capable bodies up front come September, and that should make a huge difference in the productivity of this group. Which in turn will make every level of the defense look better.

I am still concerned about the linebacker positions, not so much outside but inside. Maalik Bomar and J.K. Schaffer are more than capable defenders, they were for most of last year as well. But at the end of the year, having played for all intents and purposes every meaningful snap they were among the living dead at the end of the year. The hope is that Nick Temple and Dwight Jackson can buy them 10 or 20 snaps a game, if so that would be huge. The Mike position remains a massive concern. I have Solomon Tentman slated to start in the middle. If he hadn't gone down to injury in fall practice he would have probably been a starter by the end of the year. Tentman was back for spring practice, but not 100 per cent. He should be good to go for the 2011 season, but you never really know with ACL injuries. Behind him is more than likely going to be Greg Blair the brother of DeJuan Blair. He has a name, and an impressive highlight tape, but UC doesn't have the greatest of histories with JUCO transfers.

As for the secondary, there will be a ton of uncertainty and competition. I don't think the coaching staff has a concrete idea of who will be playing and where back there. This is really my best guess at this point. It appears that Drew Frey is inexplicably going to hold on to his. Everyone describes him as the rock of stability in the secondary. Quite frankly I don't understand it. When I watch Drew Frey I do see some consistency, I see consistent disasters in coverage and tackling. If he is really the best safety that this staff can find that is an issue. I don't see him making a great leap forward at any point in the future. At this point Frey is what he is, and what he is right now is a blown coverage waiting to happen. I will give him two games to prove me wrong, but after that I will call for his ass to be stapled to the bench for the rest of his career. Loudly.

Special Teams


Pat O'Donnell

John Lloyd


Tony Miliano
Dan Milligan



Alex Apyan
Tom DeTemple


Anthony McClung

Akise Teague


D.J. Woods
Darrin Williams

The only real question here is who will be the kicker. Will it be Tony Milliano of Dan Milligan fresh off his star turn in the spring game. No idea, but I think in the end it will be Milliano. The return units will be the same more or less. The only person who has a chance to upset the Trioka of Woods, McClung and Williams in the return game is Akise Teauge who is quite simply the most dynamic person with a ball in his hands that I have ever seen since I started watching Ohio High School football roughly 15 years ago. The person I would compare him to the most is Chris Rainey, the former Lakeland Dreadnought and Florida Gator.

If you see something that I missed, entirely plausible, or disagree with my assertions let me know below.