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Straight off of the Farm, BigStein Called up to the Bigs

OK, so that's not how we actually settled on this, but could you imagine if we did? Still I think the end result would still be the the same. The lesson? In a fight, always back the guy who answers to Big. It's a sound strategy, like betting against the Browns to win or betting on Lionel Messi scoring a gazillion goals a season. Anyways, I will let BigStein introduce himself, give him a warm welcome.


Hello all, my name is Clayton and I'm an avid fan of the Cincinnati Bearcats. Now I must get out of the way that like Chris I am not a student or alumni at UC, I am currently a junior at the College of Mount St. Joseph playing the sport I love and enjoying small college life. But UC fandom comes first and always will. My favorite sports are Baseball, Basketball, Baseball and Tennis. I occasionally watch English Premier League or World Cup soccer when the opportunity presents itself.

Now about how I became a fan for the Bearcats, I'm fairly young (20) and I was born and raised during some of the best years in Bearcats Basketball (and Football!) history so naturally I loved watching their games, players and coaches. Growing up, Coach Huggins was almost like a second father to me. Some of my best memories as a young lad include my dad screaming at the TV/Refs during Crosstown Shootouts and Kenyon Martin's amazing season in 2000. My best recent memory is the classic matchup at Hines Field between the Bearcats and the Pitt Panthers in 2009. My dad explained to me everything that was wrong in the world and the two schools he strongly disapproved of. This influence shaped my values and rooting interests for sports.


I'm 6'5" and was born and raised in Cincinnati on the "West-Side" in Delhi. I went to Saint Xavier High School and played tennis my four years there. I was never any good at Basketball, but people continuously tell me I should play hoops in college. I play all different types of sports and my build is the only thing holding me back from being a D1 athlete.

I'm a stats nerd and a math nerd. I enjoy numbers, formulas and Microsoft Excel. I'm a sabermetrics nerd for baseball and am always looking for ways to explain player success/skills through explanatory metrics. At Mount St. Joseph I am a Business Administration major with a focus in Economics. Economics is definitely my favorite subject. On Down the Drive I hope to incorporate my love of statistics and Bearcats basketball to bring the readers quality and informative posts.