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August 26th Jump Off

The final five have been revealed in the Down the Drive Ring of Honor voting. You have until the season opener against Austin Peay to vote.

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Training Camp

Training Camp 2011: Butch Jones Interview - Coach Jones wraps up fall training camp. Game 1 is just a week away!

Bearcats News

Coombs keeps 'Cats in town
Solid article and video link of Coach Coombs' recruiting philosophy towards the high schools within the Cincinnati area. I'm a believe in taking care of your business at home but when the customers don't like what you're selling (St. Xavier), you have to take your business elsewhere. That's exactly what the new staff under Coach Butch Jones have done as they've strengthen their grasp on the Indianapolis area (namely Warren Central) and have made never-before-seen inroads into the Tampa Bay, Miami, and Atlanta recruiting hot beds. It's gotten to the point that UC is actually turning away less talented local recruits in favor of recruits in those areas. By doing this, Cincinnati football can be seen as a better program to local high school coaches because they can be selective. This is all good news in my eyes.

The Big East's best: No. 3 - Big East Blog - ESPN
It's Zach Collaros. Oh, and spoiler alert, #'s 1 and 2 will be Brandon Lindsay of Pitt and QB Geno Smith of WVU. To Collaros though he deserves this spot and will have a much improved year in 2011. I've said time and time again how much he grew up last year finally taking over the reigns as the leader of the offense and dealt with losing for the first time since before high school. This season he will have a much better grasp of the offense and has shown that in fall camp. That extra year under his belt will only make him a better quarterback.

8/25 Butch Jones Q&A
It sounds like the team is much better conditioned coming into the 2011 season than the 2010. You can contribute that to an extra year being more familiar with Dave Lawson's S&C program where players' bodies are simply more comfortable with the work out routines. In addition, it sounds like Pead has greatly improved his pass blocking skills which has been one of his few liabilities on the offense. Since he's added that ability to his repertoire he will become an even more dangerous running back and NFL draft prospect.

2011 Football Team Preview - Cincinnati Bearcats > The BIG EAST Conference > News
Here's a quick look at Cincinnati from the Big East website. There certainly isn't much detail here but they hit on all the main points. On offense, the Bearcats will be very dynamic with the playmakers of Zach Collaros, Isaiah Pead, and D.J. Woods. The offensive line will still be an issue but the offense should be as explosive as last year. On defense, all starters return (good or bad thing?) and are led by J.K. Schaffer and Derek Wolfe who are looking to have big years in 2011. On special teams, Pat O'Donnell could be an all-conference/american punter and the kicker position is shaky as the Bearcats look to replace Jake Rogers.

Bearcats Breakfast 8.25.11
Yesterday's Bearcats Breakfast looks at a new UC tailgating truck, the quarterback position battle behind Zach Collaros (which looks to be swinging in Munchie Legaux's favor), and Cincinnati compliance. To the later point, it's amazing in this day and age of college sports where it seems like cheating is rampant to see a UC program pretty much follow the rules to a tee. If they can get back to winning they could very well be an example of how to run a compliance department.

Around the BEast

Boston College: ACC or Big East? - BeyondU Sports
Would Boston College be better off in the Big East or the ACC? The answer: Big East, by FAR. First of all, the Big East is about to sign a huge media deal in just over a year which has the signs of providing more revenue per school than the ACC deal which is locked in for over a decade. Plus the Big East is by far the most talented, deep basketball conference in America. Should the Big East send an invite to BC? In my opinion, NO. I'm a little salty about BC, Miami, and Virginia Tech leaving the Big East for dead 6 years ago. While it did allow Cincinnati to join a BCS conference those three schools wrote their check with the ACC and now will have to live with it. The Big East should go for UMass if they want the Boston media market or ECU/Houston.

Around the Nation

Dog mourns at casket of fallen Navy SEAL - TODAY Pets & Animals -
If you're a dog owner like me, this just has to get to you. I can't really do the article justice so check it out for yourself.