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Atlanta Grady Linebacker John Law Commits To The Bearcats

I am starting to think that Butch Jones is in the business of collecting spectacular names that happen to be good at Football. First there was Munchie Legaux, then last year was Silverberry Mouhon and in the 2012 class Jones went for the trifecta with Bennie Coney, Leviticus Payne and now John Law.

Law is a 5'10" ish linebacker from Atlanta. He weighs in at 220 currently and looks to have a college ready body. In my estimation the best thing about Law is his athletic ability. He can effortlessly switch between dropping back 15 yards in the zone and running down hill stuffing the run. The two other things that I really like about law is that he has very good, very fluid hips. This will allow him to be a three down linebacker when he comes to UC. The other thing he is great at is staying out of the trash. Good linebackers don't get caught up in the trash at the line of scrimmage. They just sort of innately pick their way through it to get to the ball.

The catch is that Law only has two FBS offers, from UC and from UAB. On film he is clearly a good player, certainly worthy of multiple FBS offers if not a few more BCS offers. The fact that he doesn't is puzzling to me and makes me think that there is something else to his story.