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The Ballad Of Vuvuzela Man

Oh what is a man to do
He goes to the game, he will not be lame
Noise must be made but his beer must stay in it place
This is a problem, that has just one solution
The vuvuzela must come out to play

Oh what is a man to do
Rising late from his bed, there is nothing to be said
To the classroom he zooms, 30 minutes late looking like shit,
This shirt is a disaster, and failure will be his doom

How to recover, from a quarter in rubble
This is the question of the day
The bubble of success, has already burst
So you might as well go out to play

This quarter's a disaster, it couldn't have happened faster
There shall be no reprieve from this fate
It might all end badly, but beer has become the order of his day
Bag at his back, he heads to the bar, just six hours left to wait

He sits in the corner as time flies ever faster
Gametime draws closer, and closer
He is having some fun, but things must be done
To his home he starts with a lurch

He makes his way home, pulls his shirt over his dome
Black is the color, but the slogan is trouble
He could probably do better, but there is an oversight
The vuvuzela must come tonight

He enters the grounds and heads to the stands
He might be pre lit, but he needs another hit
The beer stand issues its call, he takes his sip
Its why he loves the Nip, no other stadium serves him beer

He finds is seat, sees thunder at his feet
That won't be needed, his horn will be heeded
What does he see, iPead running free
His horn is let loose, and one thing is known,
"Oh fuck, I'm on TV