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Butch Jones Tuesday Press Conference Notes

Opening Statement

  • Pleased with the win against Austin Peay, but recognizes that mistakes were made and need to be addressed in practices this week.
  • Ecstatic about the turnover margin and how that is something that has been stressed to the team since the end of the Pitt game.
  • Still work to be done in terms of securing the Football
  • Likes that the Freshman got some live experience. 25 members of the travel squad are hitting the road for the first time.
  • Things to work on for the defense are sound fundamentals and improving the understanding of the defensive structure
  • Thinks above all this game will be a test of mental toughness

Q&A Session

  • The kickoff team must improve tackling. Lane discipline was good, getting guys to ground less so.
  • Butch seemed particularly perturbed at the continued questions about a lack of buzz about the team. Still searching for an all encompassing season defining sound bite. Settled for "All In" today.
  • Staff spent a lot of time in the off season working on the return game. Scheme might not matter because Ralph Abernathy IV seems to have that it factor as a returner.
  • Happier with how the team has progressed and developed from a chemistry perspective.
  • A win over Tennessee in Neyland would garner instant credibility for the Cincinnati Bearcats program. Doubly so considering how much time and effort this staff spends recruiting in SEC country.
  • Impressed with Tennessee's team speed, or more accurately how much depth there is in that regard.
  • Tough to replicate the increased speed of the game in practice, most notably in the terms of special team play.
  • Travis Kelce will play and could start this week.

The press conference can be viewed in its entirety here.