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Cincinnati Bearcats Depth Chart for the Tennessee Game is Released

As you would expect coming off of a 72-10 drubbing of Austin Peay, a team that was clearly and incontrovertibly out of their collective depths minimal changes have been made in relationship to last weeks depth chart. Presumeably the same 22 men that started last weeks game will start again, but you never know. Lets cover a few of the details.

  • With Travis Kelce getting healthy it appears that the Tight End job is still up for grabs. Any one of TK, Adrien Robinson and Blake Annen could start the Tennessee game. My bet would be on Annen, but it doesn't really matter, all three will play.
  • Austen Bujnoch has effectively ended the competition at RG as the " - OR - " has been removed from beside Andre Cureton's name.
  • One week after listing George Winn as the primary and only backup to Isaiah Pead Winn has been joined by all the Freshman Jameel Poteat, Akise Teague and Ralph Abernathy IV. Poteat looks the most likely of the triumvirate to knock Winn off his perch.
  • The Defensive depth chart is identical to the man

The Depth Chart can be viewed in its entirety after the jump.