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Final Polls Are Out, Bearcats Have A Spot In Both

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Last nights soul vanquishing Bowl Championship Series National Championship Game brought an end to what has been, in retrospect, a thoroughly disappointing and non entertaining season of Football. But that also means that the final polls are out, and the Bearcats have a spot in both. 21st in the coaches with 248 points, 25th in the AP with 103.

It was a good season for the Bearcats, somehow finding a way to scrape out 10 wins despite some pretty crucial injuries. That "good season" vibe is validated somewhat the final rankings from the polls. Both of which have the Bearcats ranked to close out the season. Like hitting the 10 win plateau this is the 4th time in five seasons that the Bearcats have closed out the year ranked. And to think that this happened for a team that no one expected to be this good. So yeah I think it is very safe to say that Butch Jones earned that pay raise and extension that he is due to sign in the next few weeks.