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Coaching Carousel | Tim Banks Will Be Named Illinois Defensive Coordinator.

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This is as expected. Here is one of numerous Illinois sources reporting on the immanent move.

Illinois has its new defensive coordinator: Tim Banks.

Banks will be named early next week after serving as co-defensive coordinator at Cincinnati.

Again not a surprise that this is happening. The odds of any staff staying intact with no changes for two seasons is low. Its the nature of the profession. You always have to be climbing that ladder.

Speaking of climbing the ladder the Bearcats now have an "open" position. Banks had a Co-Defensive Coordinator in John Jancek. I would expect Jancek to assume the play calling duties that Banks had held for the last two seasons. Jancek has coached the linebackers for the last two seasons. Taking the DC role for his own will mean that the Bearcats need a new Linebacker coach.

Jones could opt for an outside hire for the Coordinator position, but given just how much Jones values continuity I wouldn't bet on it.