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Cincinnati Bearcats Come Up Big In Must Win Game Against Seton Hall, Win 62-57

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In a battle of two teams that a firmly on the tournament bubble the Bearcats used incendiary three point shooting in the first half to open up a 16-4 lead after four minutes. The last time the Bearcats played on Saturday they also used incendiary three point shooting to open up a 16-4 lead against Marquette. Then the Bearcats started turning it over en masse let Marquette off the hook got into a trackmeet and then got blown out in short order.

The difference tonight was that the Bearcats continued grind out good possessions on defense while running when opportune and using the transition three to great effect. A potent weapon that hasn't been exploited all that often for the Bearcats despite being one of the better three point shooting teams in the conference. .

Seton Hall was, coming into the game, one of the best three point defensive teams in the Big East. The Bearcats lit it up for 40.8 per cent from deep on 22 attempts. The Hall are also a team that lives and dies by the three. UC and Seton Hall have been 1-2 in three point attempts and makes for most of the Big East season. Today only the Bearcats got it done from deep. Seton Hall did not shooting just 20 per cent from three. That's the biggest reason why the Bearcats won.

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