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Temple To The Big East? Sure Why Not

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The Big East was in dire need of a team to play football for 2012 and it looks like the Temple Owls are coming back to the Big East after being exiled to Elba the MAC after the 2004 season.

If Temple is able to maneuver out of the MAC, it will fill an immediate void in the Big East’s football schedule that was created by West Virginia’s move to the Big 12, where the Mountaineers will begin play next season. West Virginia’s move to the Big 12 and its $20 million exit payment were completed within the last month, leaving the Big East with the logistical nightmare of attempting to fill holes in its football schedule on extremely short notice.

Temple was always really likely to return to the Big East at some point. But it should be noted that the Owls weren't the obvious pick for this season.

The Big East initially wanted Boise State, which will join in 2013, to join this fall as West Virginia’s replacement. However, the Big East was not willing to provide the Broncos with about $10 million they needed to leave the Mountain West in football and have their Olympic sports join the WAC a year early.

That should just about do it for the Big East's expansion plans unless/until the Big 12 opts to get back to 12 by taking Louisville and possibly the Bearcats as well.