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2012 Down The Drive Bracket Challenge

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You might have noticed that there is a weeee little bit of Yahoo! tournament bracket graphics around the site lately. And that is with good reason. Yahoo! and SB Nation have teamed up for the 2012 Bracket Challenge. A chance to win a bit of change and prove, (most likely decisively) that you are smarter than me (A very low bar to clear) and everyone else (Somewhat higher). In case you are into being smarter than other people.

The process is simple.

  • Sign up for a Yahoo! account if you don't have one already
  • Go here and fill out your bracket.

See. Two steps.

There is also going to be a Down The Drive group of just you guys and whoever you want to invite.

All you need to enter the group is to visit this page and enter the group ID# (119163) and the password (Kila)

Feel free to use any strategy you want. Go straight chalk, all upsets, whatever you choose. I personally am going to go fill out my bracket in the exact same way I took tests while I was an undergrad. At top speed and always hoping for the best. It did get me through college after all. So it can't be that bad, though I can't help but think that I took the wrong message away from my reading of Blink!

as ever a word from the exclamation point.

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best of luck and go Bearcats.