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Cincinnati Bearcats Links Jump Off | March 15th

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March Madness

Statistical Scouting Report on the Cincinnati Bearcats - Burnt Orange Nation

The third mad bomber for Cincinnati is Dion Dixon. Dixon takes over 40% of his attempts from three point range. He has been less successful shooting them than his colleagues, making only 27% of his three point shots. Dixon is more likely than Wright and Kilpatrick to do stuff at the rim. About 30% of his field goal attempts come at the rim, and he also gets 0.38 free throw attempts for every field goal attempt. (Wright and Kilpatrick don't get to the free throw line very much.) Half of Dixon's made field goals at the rim are assisted.

Thats apt

Cincinnati Bearcats vs Texas Longhorns: March Madness Scouting Report And Predictions - Barking Carnival

They defend well early and extend pressure to break down your guards before you can start your offense. Texas has a tendency to get turned over when teams extend on us, our early offense is typically 10-15 seconds of purposeless passing around the perimeter, and Kabongo rarely has a plan when he's forced to drive if he can't get a lay up. Cronin's defensive focus will be firmly on forcing Myck Kabongo to our bench with a towel on his head, six turnovers, and 1 of 7 shooting

Thats my favorite kind of offense

No. 6 Cincinnati vs No. 11 Texas: Defending Yancy Gates - Burnt Orange Nation

As you may have guessed by now, I tend to think Texas should and will open up the game trying to defend Gates straight up, with a normal or moderately elevated amount of help defense. Although Cincinnati's so-so shooting percentage from outside (34%) makes it a less clear-cut evaluation, my view is that collegiate offenses tend to struggle more to consistently execute productive halfcourt offense against well-played man-to-man defense than they do hit open jump shots.

UC's JaQuon Parker a 'glue guy, team guy' | |

As the Bearcats begin play in the NCAA tournament against Texas on Friday in Nashville, Parker has become an integral part of the starting lineup. He has averaged 9.2 points and 5.4 rebounds this season. In his last five games, has averaged 13.4 and 7.2, with a career-high 28 points in UC’s win over Marquette on Feb. 29.

The stories behind some of the NCAA tournament’s most unusual names | The Dagger: College Basketball Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Cashmere Wright's friends and family knew him by his middle name of Akeem for the first 13 years of his life until one of his AAU coaches discovered his unique first name. "The coach told him there were lots of Akeems out there," the Cincinnati guard's mother, Patricia Wright, told the Dagger last year. "Then he asked, 'Why don't you go by Cashmere?'" Wright was lukewarm about the transition for a while, but he warmed to the idea when he discovered girls liked the name Cashmere better than Akeem.

Akeem Wright. Doesn't have the same ring to it now does it.

(11) Texas vs (6) Cincinnati: Inside the Bearcats - Burnt Orange Nation
Allow me to pimp some of my own work

High-scoring Brown usually saves his best for biggest stages | statesman
More on this guy later today

Memorable Bearcat Tournament Games: Tony Bobbiit vs East Tennessee St | Bearcats Blog

Bearcats' NCAA send-off | | Cincinnati UC |

Spring Football

Coombs exptects to win in Cincy

"If there is a kid in Cincinnati that is the caliber of player that can play for Ohio State to help us win a national championship, he's going to be recruited relentlessly. And he will be a Buckeye."

Of course they will

Football Sets Date For Bearcat Bowl VI and Fan Fest - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site

Bearcat Bowl VI presented by Fifth Third Bank and Fan Fest will take place on Saturday, April 14 in Nippert Stadium, the University of Cincinnati Department of Athletics announced Wednesday.

Other Bearcat News

Alvey Adds Miller And Vencl To Volleyball Staff - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site

University of Cincinnati head volleyball coach Molly Alvey announced the addition of Nicole Miller and Steve Vencl to the Bearcats coaching staff. Miller and Vencl come to UC from the University of Houston, where Alvey accumulated a 38-24 overall record in the past two seasons

Molly Alvey is filling out her staff for the Volleyball team.

I Find This Interesting

Foxwoods Is Fighting for Its Life -

It would be easy to look at what has occurred at Foxwoods and think, Here are people who fell into money and didn’t know how to handle it. Which happens to be true. But how the casino reached this point, and the challenges its owners and operators now confront, is part of a much larger story — one involving the gradual relaxation of moral prohibitions against gambling, a desperate search for new revenue by state governments and the proliferation of new casinos across America. Casino gambling has become a commodity, available within a day’s drive to the vast majority of U.S. residents. Some in the industry talk of there being an oversupply, as if their product were lumber or soybeans.

So massive leveraged bets on real estate are a bad thing? Who knew...