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It's 1962 All Over Again

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So. I hear the Bearcats are playing Ohio State. It will be almost 50 years to the day since UC and OSU played in the Tournament for the championship in 1962. I am pretty sure that the build up to this game is going to be neigh on unbearable. It just will be. Really, it just has to be. The Bearcats and the Buckeyes have met precisely once in the 5 decades since UC beat Ohio State in back to back years to claim the programs two national titles. I don't need to tell you what happened. We all know. Just as we all know that the circumstances surrounding the scheduling of that game were less than ideal. But whatever I am over it. I am of the opinion that OSU and UC should play more frequently in the non conference. Most sane and rational people in both fan bases agree with that. But it won't happen and that's OK. It's bullshit but it isn't a life altering thing.

I don't particularly care what happened before. I really don't. I am far more interested in what is going to happen on Thursday. The unfortunate thing is that the storyline and the buildup about this game isn't actually going to have anything to do with these teams. The perspective from the national and local media will be looking backward. It makes for good stories, but it doesn't do much to inform the present. And that's a shame.

This is going to be an interesting four days, that's for sure. I recommend that everyone buckle up and settle in.