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Cincinnati Bearcats Link Jump Off | March 30th

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Is it time to attach "Presumed Starter" next to Munchie Legaux's name? It is looking that way to me. And its not because Munchie is setting the world on fire in practice or anything. By most accounts Munchie has been solid, but not spectacular. Which is expected to some extent. This is the first time that the entire might of the playbook has been thrust upon his shoulders, and it is a lot to take in.

In the end I think that Munchie will be named the starter by the end of Spring Practice for two simple reasons. 1) he is the only QB on the roster who has thrown a pass in anger. That's a huge advantage in a competition with one guy who has never made it through a complete season injury free (Brendon Kay) and another guy who has never stepped foot on the field in a college game (Patrick Coyne).

2) The simple fact of the matter is that Munchie brings more to the table than anyone else. He is one of the 10 or so best athletes on this team with Wide Receiver speed and athleticism to compliment his impressive arm strength. That means that he is the type of QB capible of shredding a defense attempting 15 passes.

Those two factors in combination present a very simple benefit. The entire playbook is open to Munchie. Mike Bajakian won't have to parse the depths of the thing to find what Munchie can do in the same way he would have to with Coyne or Kay as the starter. That's why I think it's Munchie's to lose at this point. No offensive coordinator in his right mind would willfully take options for himself off the table.

Camaron Beard is fighting for a starting role
That's a positive as far as I am concerned. I am really intrigued by the possibilities with Beard as the three technique defensive tackle this year. He has the ability to be a pass rushing force there because of his former life as a defensive end.

Though he stands 6'5" and has put on some weight and is close to 280 he is still really athletic for his size. His skill set should mesh well with Jordan Stepp who is expected to take John Hughes position on the nose. Stepp is built like a fire hydrant, a requisite for playing nose tackle, and he has proven that given one on one opportunities he can make plays. The key to a good DT rotation is always having at least one guy who commands a double team. It evens up the numbers. Stepp will be that guy early, but Beard's potential is immense.

Mick Cronin and wide open offense
haven't belonged in the same sentence in a pretty long while. But that should change next year. And it's the right move given the personnel that this team has. Lots of guards and wings, little in the way of a tradition back to the basket post player, and 10 or so guys that can run the floor and, most of all, a point guard who can be effective playing that style <> Cash is really going to be the key to the whole operation. He will have to balance getting everyone else the ball in their spots with picking his own spots to get his shots and his points. Its a tricky balance, and it wasn't one that Cash ever really mastered in 2011-12. For stretches he played the position exactly how it had to be played with this team and this offense. But there were also times where he reverted to being run and gun Cash. Firing up bad shot after bad shot, making his share, but failing the prime directive for a point guard. Making his teammates better. This year was a step forward for Cash to become a true point guard. But there is another step to be taken.

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