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Cincinnati Bearcats Links Jump Off | April 2nd

"Go renovate my arena"  (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
"Go renovate my arena" (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Getty Images

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Cronin is content at UC
but that doesn't mean that there aren't things that could be done to make him uber content. Starting with Fifth Third Arena. Its no secret that the Athletic Department needs to upgrade Fifth Third Arena which looks like the personification of arena design and construction of the multipurpose 80's. That was fine in the 90's, much less so now.

The issue isn't finding a solution, there are plenty of options as far as I am concerned. It is, as ever, about money. UC simply doesn't have enough of it at the moment. Cash strapped is the word. And part of the reason that Whit Babcock is behind the fiscal 8 ball is that there is not enough revenue being generated by the revenue sports. The reason for that is that Nippert Stadium and Fifth Third Arena are out dated and don't generate the revenue the athletic department needs.

Football and Basketball are both turning profits. In 2010-11 Basketball turned a 1 million dollar profit, Football over 2. It's good that Football and Basketball are self sustaining, but those programs are supposed to sustain the entire department. And that will never happen without addressing their facilities, neither of which have been touched in 20 years. Its's going to be hard to get that done without a big windfall from the next Big East TV deal, which may or may not come.

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The Football team was busy on Saturday...John Jancek got the interview Saturday and he brought his kid along to ratchet up the awkward to 11...Men's and Women's Track and Field swept their own invite...Women's Tennis falls to DePaul...Baseball falls to Pitt record drops to 10-16 (1-5)...Sean Payton was at a Jimmy Buffet show playing the bongos