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Bearcat Bits For May 2nd


no one does a better job of developing NFL talent than the Bearcats. This is something that I think most Bearcat fans get automatically. It's hard not to. For most of the last decade UC hasn't recruited at a particularly high level. It has been more about developing the talent on hand rather than going out and getting the best of the best. Under Butch Jones that has started to change and the recruiting has really picked up.

But the rankings in the piece go back to 2002 which the author calls the modern era of recruiting. And the early years of those rankings aren't exactly kind to UC. Still since 2005 the Bearcats have had 21 players drafted which is 31st in the country. But the difference between players drafted and how well (or not) UC has recruited is astounding. UC's recruiting has been the 80th best since 2002 and yet the draft picks keep coming. Four this year alone with more in the pipeline for next. The draft is just one more area screaming that people need to start paying attention to Bearcats Football but no one outside the immediate Cincinnati area seems to be listening.

Never too early for a pre season top 25 list
for college basketball. Doubly so when it has the Bearcats in it. Jon Rothstein was on the Bearcats bandwagon for most of last year. Even during the brutal post Brawl stretch when most pundits threw in the towel. He is starting early for 2012-13 with UC at 19.

On the face of it makes sense. UC is returning three big peices with Sean Kilpatrick, JaQuon Parker and Cashmere Wright coming back. Justin Jackson and Cheihk Mbodj should make a good post between the two of them. The core returning for Mick Cronin should be enough to get UC in the pre season polls once again.

Video(s) of Interest

Et cetera

Butch Jones sits down for a post NFL Draft interview...and Jones is getting in early with Connor QB Drew Baker in the class of 2014...Paul Dehner weighs in on what last weekend's draft means for the Bearcats football program...Amar'e Stoudemire is adorable /not very smart...shocking development for Bearcat fans but a 2-29 season will get you fired...unless you have a jailborken iPhone George Hotz is just a name, but his story is timely, for me at least.

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