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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 104 Karl Woods


Linebacker | Letters 1977-80

Obviously the Bearcats all time leading tackler gets a spot on the list. For years though Woods wasn't given the credit for his efforts as a freshman because the record books didn't include his contributions. Woods talked to Butch Jones about it and the went through film from the 1977 season. Even though they couldn't find film for every game in that season but they did verify 79 tackles for that 77 season. Enough that Woods 502 now is the most in program history, 15 more on Phil Curry the former all time leader now second with 487.

As a linebacker woods was prolific as they came. He has two of the top 5 seasons for total tackles in program history and he has the only 30+ tackle game in the long history of the Bearcats notching 31 stops against South Carolina in 1980. A South Carolina team featuring that year's Heisman Trophy winner George Rogers

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