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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 79 Tyjuan Hagler


Linebacker | Letters 2002-04

Hagler is the rare Bearcat from the state of Illinois. Not many Illinoisian's have come to Clifton over the years but Hagler did and made an impact. In many ways he is the typical Minter guy. Undersized, not the most breath taking of athletes but a competitor.

Hagler was a big contributor for three years under Minter. He was a two time All Conference USA Selection and ranks 11th in UC history with 34.5 tackles for loss during his career including 18 during the 2002 season. Hagler was taken by the Colts in the NFL draft and was a member of the Colts Super Bowl XLI winning team. He is still a member of the Colts team

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