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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 96 Troy Bodine


Quarterback | Letters 1983-84

Bodines time with the program was pure unadulterated chaos. Bodine was a Junior College transfer who won the job for new head coach Watson Brown. His reward? A trip into happy valley for his first ever collegiate start against defending National Champion Penn State. Bodine played well and the Bearcats stunned the Nittany Lions 14-3. That was the high point of the Watson Brown era. Of the 10 other games on the schedule the Bearcats won three, lost six and tied one. Not a great record, but enough to get him a shot with Rice.

After Brown came the disastrous Dave Currey era which fully relegated Bearcats Football from the consciousness of Cincinnati fans. Bodine was his triggerman in 1984 for a team that beat Akron and Louisville but never threatened anyone else all season. Bodine led UC in total offense both seasons but his place on the list is for engineering the win over Penn State.

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