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Tampa Running Back Robert Davis Commits to the Bearcats

Have you ever played pick up Basketball with someone who plays the game with the all encompassing goal of embarrassing the other players to the extent that they question their very desire to play the game? Thats how Robert Davis runs the Football. And its a joy to watch.

Davis is a short back standing just 5'8" weighing somewhere between 160 and 180, and all of that should be taken with a grain of salt. What shouldn't be glossed over is his speed which looks other worldly at times. It might just be that Davis is the fastest kid alive, or a low level of competition or some combination of both. What's clear to me is that this is the kind of guy you find a spot in your offense for. UC was the only AQ school to offer Davis but I can't imagine they will be the last either. As a college recruiter you can only ignore a guy like Davis for long. Highlights after the jump.

and you have to love the kids personality as well

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