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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 22 Brig Owens


Quarterback/Defensive Back | Letters 1963-64

If you have been reading these 125 for 125 posts from the beginning you will see all kinds of cliched turns of phrase littered throughout. "He played bigger than his size," " Overlooked by scouts," and most commonly "Better person than player." Yes those phrases are, when used frequently, disingenuous rhetorical crutches. In this case they aren't, particularly the last one.

Owens only played two seasons on the varsity but its safe to say he left a mark. In 1963 Owens led the Bearcats in rushing, passing, total offense, punting and interceptions. He is the only modern era Bearcat to accomplish that feat, possibly the only one period. But pre Modern Era stats for UC are basically nonexistent. Owens was drafted by the Cowboys but played his entire career with the Washington Redskins and is one of the greatest Redskins of all time. Brig Owens is simply a great one.

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