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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 56 Anthony Hoke


Defensive Line | Lettered 2004-07

Anthony Hoke is something of a professional forgotten man. For a program with a pretty long history of producing good defensive linemen* Hoke has statistics that are hard to replicate or top. And yet when the numbers get crunched and stacked upon high Hoke's name stands very tall.

* At least since the start of the Tim Murphy era

Only Antwan Peek (27) and Andre Frazier (22.5) have more career sacks than Hoke. But Hoke owns the single season record of 13, (a record that may come under threat this year by Walter Stewart) and he achieved a level of success in terms of his team that Frazier and Peek didn't really match. Still Hoke just sort of fades into the background, that seems to be his legacy, which is a shame because he was damn good.

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