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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 53 Jon Olinger


Wide Receiver | Letters 1999-02

Fact. Every QB needs a steady reliable receiver. someone who can and will always bail them out of bad situations. That is what Jon Olinger was for Gino Guidugli at the start of the young gun's career. Olinger was a holdover from the Deontay Kenner era but he didn't come into his own until Guidugli came onto the scene.

Olinger was memorable because he always seemed to be in the right place at the right time for UC. He had an incredible knack for making plays, particularly on deep balls. He became the only player in 20 years to average 20 yards per catch in 2002, and he is likely to be the last one to do it as well. And he is a member of a very prestigious club, those with 200+ receiving yards in a game.*

*The others are Tom Rosley, Jim O'Brien (both of whom had the advantage of having Greg Cook as their QB) and Marcus "Bones" Barnett who appeared previously on this list.

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