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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 35 Bob Goin


Athletic Director | 1995-2005

Its a cliche and a joke to rip on the Big East at this point. But there is no dbout that the best thing that has happened to the Bearcats since Sid Gillman left town is getting into the Big East. The current age of Bearcats Football is something of a golden one, and it had no chance of developing into such without the affiliation of the Big East.

As such the man who spearheaded the move needs a spot on the list. It was his vision for UC Football that led him to pursue the Big East. The Big East wanted Bearcats Basketball, but the move worked out best for the Football program. Bob Goin never got to see UC through to becoming something of a Football school, but he has to be proud to see what his vision has become.

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