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Cincinnati Bearcats Signing Day Report

As of this writing, at 12:56 PM, the Fax Machine on the top floor of the Lindner Center has seen the signature of 14 Bearcats come through. The day has gone, for the most part, to plan. Though there have been a few surprises along the way.

Streeter Lecka

This has been a day largely free of drama. There have been no last minute flips of committed recruits, unless you want to count Darius Tice who has been listed as a UC commit while sitting on the fence between UC and South Florida. The Bearcats get Travis Johnson, the Bulls get Tice. I am fine with that trade.

What has been surprising is that in addition to Johnson the Bearcats have signed two more TE's. Chris Burton from Danville, Virginia who chose the Bearcats over an offers from Texas Tech and N.C. State is one. Korey Cunningham from Montevallo, Alabama.* With the aforementioned Johnson, and Tyler Cogswell also listed as TE's its safe to say that someone is switching positions, my bet is on Cunningham.

*Cunningham is the first UC recruit from Alabama since little known Donivon Padgett signed with UC in the 2002 class from Pritchard. Call it a hunch, but there will be more coming from that state, so long as Tommy Tuberville is in Clifton

Though all of the JUCO's are likely to be in the rotation from day one, this class isn't heavy on impact freshman. Travis Johnson will almost certainly be in the rotation at TE immediately, but he is the exception rather than the rule. This class is more about building depth and establishing this staff in new schools, if not exactly places. UC signed players from Miami Northwestern (Aaron Brown) and St. Thomas Aquainis (Mark Barr), two schools that always have a lot of talent, talent that the Bearcats have failed to tap into before.

At this point there is only one LOI outstanding, and that is Rodriguez Moore, the second JUCO running back in this class. Tommy Tubberville's press conference is coming up