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More Coaching Rumors

This time it's the basketball side as Mick Cronin's name continues to come up every year

Stop setting moving screens or I'll throw a basketball at your head!!
Stop setting moving screens or I'll throw a basketball at your head!!
Jamie Squire

Eventually Bearcat fans will just become numb to the fact that their coaches are such hot commodities. I mean, no one wants Mike Rice right about now, so the fact that other failing programs are after yours means things aren't so bad, right? So for the third year in a row, Mick Cronin's name has popped up in discussions for those open jobs across the country. And for the third year in a row it seems Mick is going to stay "home" and continue to build the Bearcat basketball program back to national prominence.

The only big rumor thus far has been the one where Minnesota, after inexplicably firing Tubby Smith despite winning a game in the NCAA Tournament, came calling on Mick with a contract in the $2.8 million per year neighborhood. Apparently, Mick again has been reassured that he, and his staff, will be taken care of. No word on whether there is going to be a formal extension for Mick but you can bet there will be additional moneys put into the basketball budget.

I would also imagine the continuing discussions about a renovated Fifth Third Arena are getting hotter especially following the announcement that the football program is being taken care of with the Nippert expansion/renovation project well under way. Knowing the job Whit Babcock has done thus far as the Athletic Director at UC, I'd imagine all these bases have been covered to Mick's complete satisfaction and he can get back to recruiting for the University of Cincinnati.

In a time where programs across the country continue to see mass exodus - WVU, St. John's, and you can bet Rutgers soon - UC seems to be able to maintain its roster and push forward. OK well I guess we do have to step back a second as UC will likely have to (how should I word this??) "invite" one player to move along seeing as they are currently over the scholarship limit for this upcoming season. The one caveat being if a player does not qualify or if Steve Lavin (who loses a player per week) steps up to the plate and somehow steals Jermaine Lawrence from UC. It's happened before as you know (Obekpa). The speculation on which player will no longer be with the program come fall is for another day. It'll probably be pretty soon, but still. We can get into that later.

For now, Bearcat fans can rest easy as our coach is not going anywhere. As for the malcontents out there who want Mick fired...I'm just not sure what to say to you people. Perhaps you should go root for another program as you likely are never going to be satisfied until Mick is gone. Then maybe Huggins can come back and resume second round exits. Hey, that would certainly be a step up from West Virginia's 13-18 season though.