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Jermain Lawrence Will Make Summer League Debut Saturday

Your chance to see the most precocious of all the Freshmen comes this weekend.

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via the enquirer.

Power forward Jermaine Lawrence, the top recruit in UC’s 2013 recruiting class, is expected to make his Deveroes/City Gear Summer League debut this weekend. Lawrence will play on the Slats team at 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at Woodward High School. A $3 donation is requested at the door.

Everybody get ready for some "live action." Ultimately, the summer league means nothing, nothing at all. We all know this intrinsically. For a guy like Lawrence this kind of enviroment can shed light, not so much on his skills, but on his mentality. Unless Chane Behanan actually winds up playing for City Taxx there will not be anyone who is in Lawrence's stratosphere athletically. Maybe Semaj Christon, but he is at least 5 inches shorter and 20 or 30 pounds lighter.

Being the best athlete in the room is not a new experience for Lawrence, but to see how he reacts in a completely new enviroment, where everyone is coming to see him will show something. Will he embrace the enviroment and the expectations like the last 5 star kid from New York or will he shy away from it?