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Cincinnati Bearcats Specific NCAA 14 Megasim Tidbits

Over at the mother ship Jason Kirk got a hold of his copy of NCAA 14 and ran the whole thing through, but not just once mind you. 10 times, that is a whole lot of skipping ahead to the end of the season. Here are how things panned out for UC.


Lets start with the bad news, Louisville won the American. Like a whole mess of times, 8 in total. In 10 simulations UC won it once, thats the same figure as Central Florida. I know, this is a weird world that we all inhabit now. So UC won once, and they got to go to a BCS bowl game, it was probably really exciting for a while and soul crushingly depressing at the end*. (ruffles papers, checks stats) 0-1, shit. Oh well, on to the next thing.

*Just going off my own personal experience here.

There is good news Bearcat fans, really good news. Blake Annen won the Mackey Award for the best tight end in the country. He didn't do it just once either, the digital Blake Annen, or to give him his official NCAA 14 moniker, TE #86 won the Mackey Award. Twice. Not bad for a digital representation of a person, that isn't actually a representation of a person for legal reasons, who isn't even among the top 10 UC digital representations of people*. Not bad at all

*Hands down, the most pretentious thing I have ever written