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Bearcats and Redhawks Combine To Set All Tire's In The World On Fire

Oh, and UC won 14-0

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

That. Was. Not. Fun.

Way back on Monday I made an allusion about the RedHawks channeling Akron. Miami did just that. They came into the game with a great gameplan for getting a win, they then played inspired football to come very, very close to pulling it off.

No doubt about it, the Bearcats played badly today. At least on offense, where they looked sloppy and disjointed from the start. The defense was stellar, as you would expect, but they still had some scares. But the Miami defense which had been shredded in loses to Air Raid based attacks in Marshall and Kentucky took the fight to UC all day.

Hats off to Miami, but the Bell stays in Clifton where it belongs.