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How Far Can The Bearcats Go With Two Quarterbacks

Another week, another game, another game where Bearcat fans are likely to see two quarterbacks take the field. Which begs the question, how long can this go on?

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The old adage is that if you have two quarterbacks you really have none. The Cincinnati Bearcats had two quarterbacks against Purdue, and will almost certainly have two quarterbacks again against Illinois. Whoever starts will see the majority of snaps, and get the majority of reps, but the second man will still see plenty of live action.

Up until this point the quarterback debate has been phrased in zero sum terms. It is either Munchie Legaux, or Brendon Kay. It couldn't possibly be both of them could it? Well, for now at least, it could be. This could be the rare case where indecisiveness could be to the advantage of a team.

I firmly believe that UC can win most of the games on the schedule with either Munchie or Kay taking the snaps. But could they win all of them with either man under center? Possibly. You don't often hear talk of one quarterback having skills that compliment the other, Louisiana Monroe aside. But that is kind of what the Bearcats have Kay is the more physical runner and the more talented deep ball artist, Munchie has breakaway speed and brings an unorthodox approach to the passing game.

So how far can the Bearcats go with two quarterbacks? I have no idea, but I don't think playing both guys appreciably raises or lowers the ceiling of this team. Maybe at the end of the year the 2013 Bearcats will join the 1996 and 1997 Ohio State Buckeyes and the 2007 LSU Tigers among the seminal case studies for the idea that two quarterbacks are actually better than one.

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