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Gary Clark Impressing In Practice For Cincinnati Bearcats

It has been really hard to tamper my expectations with Gary Clark after seeing this and all its derivatives. For all the excitement that have always been things in the back of my mind to tamper that, he played at a smaller school level in a not particularly talent rich state for example. I have tried to keep realistic expectations for Gary Clark, but I might not need to for much longer.

Just look at what his coaches and teammates are saying about him.

"He's probably the most mature freshman player I've ever coached. He's a tremendously mature young man as a person and that's how he plays. He plays like a veteran."

"The thing about Gary is that he can score in a lot of ways. When you throw in the fact that he's an excellent rebounder, he doesn't have to rely on the jump shot. He doesn't have to rely on the post-up. He can really score it from anywhere on the floor. He doesn't live on the perimeter but he can make shots. He's a guy apt to go eight for 10 in a game and you don't even know it."

Mick Cronin

"It's different because with Jermaine (Lawrence) you could see flashes of it. He wasn't the most consistent guy day in and day out in practice. We've practiced 10 days, and I'd venture to say (Clark) has led us in rebounding in eight of the 10 practices. He's doing it every day, start to finish in practice, not a flash here and there. Gary Clark is a sponge. He absorbs all coaching."

"I'll be shocked if he doesn't play really well in the games. He's just one of those guys that's got a knack for getting the ball in the basket. He's got a nose for the ball."

Assistant Coach Larry Davis

"He knows what he's doing," said senior forward Jermaine Sanders. "He picks up on things fast. Of all the new guys, he's learning the fastest."

Jermaine Sanders

Yup, back to being really, really excited about Gary Clark