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Four Factor Review: Bearcats 54 Eastern Illinois 49

A quick review of the Bearcats struggles in beating the Panthers.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports
eFG% Turnover Rate Offensive Rebounding Rate Free Throw Rate
Cincinnati 43.1% 29.2% 40% 29.4%
Eastern Illinois 32% 13.8% 25% 21.3%

-- One thing that is becoming clear, the Bearcats are full of streaky shooters. When Farad Cobb is on he can torch anyone as he did against Murray State. When he is off, as he was in the opener, and as he was against Eastern Illinois he does far more harm than good. Last night Cobb played 24 minutes, missed all five of his attempts from the field and scored all his points from the line. The Bearcats are in a spot where they need someone, anyone to produce at the off guard spot. Ge`Lawn Guyn has been injured, and probably isn't that guy no matter how much Mick pretends he is by inserting him into the starting lineup. Kevin Johnson got his shot last night and didn't look comfortable at all. Maybe its time to give trick or treat Farad a chance.

-- The other disturbing trend, the sky high turnover rate. Last year the Bearcats posted turnover rates over 20 percent 9 times in 34 outings. In 2014-15 the Bearcats have done that twice, and they have done so in convincing fashion as the St. Francis and EIU games would have been the fourth and fifth most turnover happy games of the season a year ago. Part of this is the struggles inherent with moving to an offense that is based on more than getting the ball to Sean Kilpatrick and getting out of the way. The Bearcats have to get a handle on this, and quickly or there will be very little to give thanks for this weekend.

-- The biggest positive from three games of play is performance of Octavius Ellis. He has been simply outstanding this season and he is the biggest reason why the Bearcats defense hasn't dropped off at all despite all the new pieces. The Bearcats are a good defensive team now, and they will only get better as this team begins to gel.