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Four Factor Preview: Cincinnati Bearcats vs North Carolina Central

The Cincinnati Bearcats are about to start a series of games featuring teams that were involved in last year's NCAA tournament. The only potential opponent who wasn't in last year's tournament is Ole Miss. The first of those games will be tonight against North Carolina Central. Here is your quick four factor preview.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports
Effective Field Goal % Turnover Rate Offensive Rebounding Rate Free Throw Rate
Cincinnati 45.6% 24.1% 33% 40%
North Carolina Central 51.4% 23% 33.6% 39.3%

Keys To The Game

-- Hold onto the damn basketball (pardon my french). Through three games the Bearcats have been turning the ball over at an absurd and unsustainable rate. Part of that is part and parcel with having this many new guys playing together in a system where even the experienced players are brand new with this approach. That part of it is understandable, but an unforgivable amount of turnovers have come on plays where there is no point in even throwing those passes.

-- More paint touches. For the most part the Bearcats have been very good running the offense through the post when Octavius Ellis is parked on the block. But he is not getting enough touches in the flow of the offense to utilize his ability as a passer to maximum effect. Ellis is not a point forward by any stretch, but he is good enough as a passer to create easy offense by running through him on the block.

-- Watch the three point line. Antony McDonald, the Eagles senior guard is their leader and their all everything offensively. It is very early in the year but is off to a blistering start shooting 46.7 percent from deep. He isn't alone in bombing successfully from deep. Four different Eagles are shooting 40 percent or better from deep. Guarding the three point line is a must.