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Four Factor Review: Cincinnati vs. Bellarmine

Reviewing last night's victory over the Bellarmine Knights through the magical four factors.

eFG% Turnover Rate Offensive Rebound Rate Free Throw Rate
Cincinnati 60.5 21% 46% 30%
Bellarmine 62.3 25% 38% 25%

This post comes with full fledged awareness of the fact that this was, according to Mick Cronin, a practice game. The numbers in any particular practice aren't particularly relevant, because the pressure is lower with the stakes. All that being considered it doesn't mean that we, as devoted fans of the Bearcats can't look at the numbers.

The number one thing that jumps out to me about last night's game is just how much work the Bearcats have to do on that side of the ball. Bellarmine did the majority of their damage shooting the basketball in the first half, and were noticeably stymied by the Bearcats. But their first half was an absolute clinic with an effective field goal rate of 79.1. That is hard to accomplish against air, let alone in a (somewhat) live game. As the Bearcats adjusted to the pace and precision of the Knight's attack in the second half that efficiency plummeted to 48.2, which is close to what UC has allowed historically under Cronin. That first half from Bellarmine is why this game is played each and every year, its great preparation for the season and is guaranteed to be a game that sees the Bearcats knocked onto their ass for a stretch every time.