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Mick Cronin Will Miss Wagner Game Too

Mick Cronin was not on the bench for Saturday's disheartening loss to VCU. He will not be on the bench Tuesday night.

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

This from Bill Koch at the enquirer.

"He's doing good," Interim coach Larry Davis said. "He's concerned about the team and about his own medical condition. Hopefully he'll get some definite answers over the next day or so. The best-case scenario is that they treat it with medication and he's out for the short term. The worst case is that they have to do some kind of procedure, which will be longer. Right now, we're hoping for the best for him."

If Mick is going to be held out for a prolonged period it will be a major blow for the Bearcats. That much goes without saying, I have my issues with the way Mick sees and coaches the game, but there is little doubt that he is the best possible coach for the job.

At this point we all need to keep Mick and the team in our collective thoughts.