Not A CoachPoach 2014 Update. Nope, not at all.

Nothing to see here. Nothing at all.

from the story:

Virginia Tech fired coach James Johnson Monday, as announced in a press release by the school. Johnson served as the Hokies coach for two years and put in five years of assisant (Let me find out that national publications misspell words that i have in my AutoText. You didn't see the red dots in Word?)coach time with the team before that.

"I want to thank Coach Johnson for his dedication and hard work for our university and our basketball program over the past seven years," Director of Athletics Whit Babcock (ummm....Gulp.) said. "A change of this significance affects many people and is never taken lightly, but I felt a change and a new direction was necessary for the long term, best interest of our department." (Don't direct your ass nowhere near here, Whitney. Capisce?)

Johnson is 22-41 overall and 6-30 in the ACC. Both of his two ACC wins this season were over Miami (Fl.). (shit, I think Mick already has 6 ACC wins in the last three years. lemme look: this year: NC State and Pitt. 2012: Florida State. 2011: Maryland. if you count Notre Dame, old Pitt, Syracuse, and Loserville, Mick has more wins versus the current ACC than this guy. Damn.)

Move along, now. Move along, now.

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