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Bearcats Set Homecoming Date Against Miami (Oh)

September 20th, mark it on your calendar

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

Admittedly it is odd for homecoming to be in September, in just the second game of the year, but this is a weird schedule which is doing predictably weird things to the scheduling process. Like having homecoming in September. Not to mention that this game, like all the rest of the them, will be taking place downtown.

The last time the Bearcats held coming downtown they did so of their own accord and the feedback was less than stellar. There is no choice this time. Then there is the kick time which will come out later. Given the choice the Bearcats will always push for a 7PM or later kick off. With no TV channel being a likely bet to option the game I would imagine UC will again push for a later start. A later start which the Bengals will almost certainly resist because they have a 1 PM kick the next day. A 7PM kick would leave ample time to turnaround Paul Brown Stadium, but that is just the kind of issue that Mike Brown loves to create. Remember, its only for one season.