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Silverberry Mouhon and Munchie Legaux Get Key and Peele Shoutout

They finally heard what we have all known for so very long, that the Bearcats have the most spectacular names in the game.

It looks like all those tweets at Michael-Keegan Key and Jordan Peele have finally been heard. All those random comments on their YouTube videos have finally been read. Finally the comedic minds behind "Hingle McCringleberry" and "Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace" have discovered that in the wider world, there are actual people with names far surpassing anything that they could have dreamed up. This is a big day Bearcat Nation.

Silverberry Mouhon and Munchie Legaux, or as drunk 25 year olds (Spike's only key demographic) attempted to spell them last night... Slvrburry Muffin and Munchies LEGO. Both of these fine gentleman are renowned throughout the college football world for having the most spectacular names in the game. But now those names are out there in the wider world. The only unfortunate part of this all is that Key & Peele forgot about LEVITICUS PAYNE. What a shame for Keegan-Michael Key, forgetting a fellow Detroit native in his acceptance speech.