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Crosstown Shootout Back On Campus

After a two year sojourn at US Bank Arena the crosstown shootout will be back on campus starting this coming season.

Frank Victores-USA TODAY Sports

The punch seen round the world is two years in the rearview. There have been two scarcely competitive games played downtown at US Bank Arena and now the series is going back to campus sites starting this coming season. The game for this coming season will be played on February 18th, that is a Wednesday in the heart of the conference season.

I am personally glad to see the game move back to campus sites. However it remains to be seen if the two year sojourn downtown will have had the intended consequence of taking the rivalry off the boil for a bit. There is plenty of real animosity between both programs and obviously their fan bases as well. There is only so much that can be done from either administration to tamper the more extreme outbursts that seem to be part and parcel with the rivalry.

The press conference is going to be a 5:30 and will presumably be streamed online somewhere. Check back for an idea where.