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Jhavonte Dean is a Bearcat

Jhavonte Dean committed to the Bearcats this week.

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

Jhavonte Dean is a 6'1" and 168 pound athlete. He plays for South Dade High School down in Homestead, FL. Supposedly Dean runs a 4.58 40-yard dash, which isn't too shabby for a 6'1" frame.

I am finding him listed at Cornerback a lot, as well as safety and wide receiver. Utility players like Dean are great. With his ability to play multiple positions, Tommy-T and co. can try him out at multiple positions to see where he fits best. Also, if the team develops a need at any one of Dean's positions, he becomes the likely man for the job.

Jhavonte isn't currently ranked by any of the major ranking services. UC has been working out players from across the country the last couple of weeks, and Dean was likely one of them. This is a convenient way to find players before they get on the national radar. Perhaps, Dean is such a player.

This is the third commit the Bearcats have from the Sunshine State, which means that half of the current recruits are from Florida (3/6). Florida is a great recruiting ground, but the coaching staff is yet to acquire a single recruit from Ohio (The other three states are VA, GA, and IN). There is still a lot of time left for recruiting and the Bearcats still have plenty of Ohio natives on their big board.

Can't wait until September 12th. See you soon Toledo.