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Bearcats Add Iowa Pass Rusher Garret Jansen

The Bearcats dipped into a new recruiting pool getting this Iowa native

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

To the best of my knowledge it has been at least a decade, and probably much longer since the University of Cincinnati hit Iowa in recruiting. But this staff did just that in garnering a commitment from Garret Jansen of Pella, Iowa. It's not hard to see what the coaching staff likes in Jansen from looking at the tape.

He has a very fast first step, in fact he is usually the first one off the ball, he has plenty of power to deal with offensive linemen and he is absolutely relentless. He never, ever gives up on a play. In some ways he reminds me a bit of Dan Giordano who also hailed from outside the Bearcats traditional recruiting grounds, and was known for his motor above all. That motor is what allowed Giordano to maximize his abilities, and that has to be one of the prime areas of intrigue for Jansen.

Welcome To Bearcat Nation, Garret