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Marquise Copeland Is A Bearcat

The Bedford native called it a day on his recruitment this afternoon

Marquise Copeland is a 6'3" 230 pound weakside defensive end from Bedford, Ohio who was considered a near certain lock to cash in on his offer from Kentucky. Instead he will be cutting his family's drive to his games from five hours to a little under four. Oh and he gets to continue calling himself a Bearcat, so thats not nothing.

Copeland differs a bit from Garret Jansen as a player in small but meaningful ways starting with his size. Copeland is smaller than Jansen is now, but his frame and long arms he is more the ideal defensive end candidate for what the Bearcats are trying to do with the position.

In addition to Kentucky the Bedford native also had offers from Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Louisville and Wisconsin. This is a huge recruiting pull for Robert Prunty who is opperating far from his usual Virginian and Virginia-adjacent recruiting grounds.

Welcome to Bearcat Nation Marquise!