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Bryce Jenkinson Is A Bearcat

And a busy day gets that much busier with the addition of Bryce Jenkinson to the Bearcats fold.

The Greenville, Ohio native makes it three commitments on the day, and 11 for the class. Jenkinson is the second linebacker commit in this class with Quintin Hampton from Georgia. Here is his hudl page for your viewing pleasure.

The question that you should always ask yourself when looking at a high school linebacker with the intention of projecting them forward to the college level is how they play in space. In that regard you have to watch a bit with Jenkinson because the league that he plays in isn't heavy in stressing space with formation or design. But there are some flashes where you can see his athleticism, his ability to read plays and make quick decisions that show that he will have the tools to be a big time contributor at this level.

Welcome to Bearcat Nation Bryce