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Griffin Riggs Is A Bearcat

Tommy Tuberville and Eddie Gran go home again, but not in the way you think.

Riggs commitment is really interesting to me because he is a tweener. He stands 6'2" 230, but he played defensive tackle for Auburn High School in their highest qualification (6A). He won't be a defensive tackle in college, because he doesn't have the frame to add 70 pounds while still maintaining what is good about him, his quickness and versatility.

Hank Hughes ran a fair bit of 3 man fronts with UConn a year ago with a hybrid end/OLB. For the most part that player* is a rusher, but will drop into coverage, spy the quarterback or hunt screens depending on the situation and the offensive personnel.

*Pete Carroll calls that spot the elephant

When I saw that in studying Hughes defense I thought it was used because UConn had no depth and less play making on the defensive line, and adding a linebacker and thus more speed made them a better defense. There is some truth in that as the UConn defense was far more disruptive in three man fronts than they were in four man fronts. However it is becoming obvious that Hughes didn't stumble upon this hybrid defense by chance. He is committed to it going forward and the Bearcats are recruiting to it.

Riggs has been hitting the recruiting circuit as a DE/OLB hybrid and presumably showed Tubs and Co. enough when he was. To be honest Riggs is probably more likely to latch on as a strong side defensive end than as a stand up pass rusher, but his versatility is a selling point.

Welcome to Bearcat Nation Griffin