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James Gardner Is A Bearcat

Tubs and Co. hit Broward County for wide receiver James Gardner from Fort Lauderdale.

Streeter Lecka

Gardner is a 6'4" 200 pound receiver who is reported to run the 40 in the 4.6 range, which is plenty fast for a kid his size. He is also the second receiver in this class, the other being Braxton Neal from Lakota West. Both of those guys are destined to work on the outside of the formation as deep threats similar to what Mekale  McKay and to a lesser extent Chris Moore did this past season.

The Bearcats depth at receiver has put them in an interesting situation for recruiting. The need for guys who can play right away isn't as high as it was for Butch Jones a couple of years ago when he was indiscriminately throwing receivers into the fire. Lane and, to a lesser extent Gardner are high upside guys for down the road when McKay and Co. move on and the Bearcats have less depth. The upside for these guys is huge because they both have a ton of physical tools, even if they haven't put the whole package together.

Welcome to Bearcat Nation James!