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The Bearcats Class Of 2015 In Map Form

With the addition of James Gardner to the Bearcats class of 2015 the ranks of new Bearcats has swelled to 16 members. A lot of them come from traditional UC recruiting hotspots, but a couple come from new grounds for the Bearcats.

Kevin C. Cox

The context for this is this map, which lists all Bearcats recruits from 2002 through 2013 rated two stars or better by Rivals. Some quick points

  • The Bearcats first started to recruit Georgia under the Butch Jones regime. That made sense considering the hiring of John Jancek who worked for several years at the University of Georgia. Even then the Bearcats confined their efforts to the metro Atlanta area. In the class of 2015 the Bearcats are reaching into the rest of the state with Quintin Hampton and Joshua Norwood. Credit this to the long years put in by this staff trawling the deepest parts of the deep south for talent.
  • Danville, Virginia of all places is becoming a hub for the Bearcats recruiting efforts. Prior to the class of 2014 there was one Bearcat who hailed from the commonwealth, Tyree Evans from Richmond. In the 2014 and 2015 classes there are four, three of whom hail from the greater Danville area; Kimoni Fitz, Malik Clements and Caleb Ashworth
  • Arkansas and Iowa are now places where Bearcats come from, who could have guessed.

Obviously we will keep up with developments in this area.