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Justin Jackson Signs On With Hornets Summer League Team

The former Bearcat will get a couple of weeks to keep his NBA dream alive.

Stephen Dunn

Here is what Justin's agent Travis King has to say about his client.

"What you see is what you get with Justin Jackson. He is an extremely hard worker with great defensive prowess who always plays with great intensity. He’s a great glue guy who does all the little things needed to get the job done."

Justin Jackson will have to play out of his mind for the duration of the competition which runs for 11 days starting on the 11th of July and concludes with the championship game on the 21st. The main goal is obvious, to get him a crack with the Hornets, be it for camp in October or just for this session. The ancillary benefit for JJ is that every front office in the league spends time in Vegas so this is as much an open audition for the rest of the league as it is him competing only for the Hornets.

The other upside to this is that lots of scouts for European teams pay attention to the summer league for talent. A good showing would certainly increase his options should he choose to pursue a career in Europe like Cashmere Wright and Yancy Gates before him.

Give em hell Justin