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Bearcats Quarterback Target Ross Trail Talks Recruiting

The Bearcats top priority at quarterback discusses his performance at the Columbus Elite 11 regional and the current state of his recruitment.

It would appear that the chances of Ross Trail becoming a Bearcat are rapidly diminishing. The last time Trail was brought up as a Bearcat target in this space was way back in April.

Meanwhile Hugh Freeze and Co are awaiting word on a couple of their QB offers. The Rebels have 10 offers outstanding, four of whom are already committed to other institutions. Two of the outstanding offers are to Drew Lock, widely expected to wind up at Mizzou. Another offer is out to Kelly Bryant from South Carolina who seems likely to come down to the Rebels and Clemson. If Ole Miss whiffs on both they will start to expand their pool at QB and could get involved with Trail

Whiff they did. Lock did indeed wind up in Columbia* and Kelly Bryant is heading to Clemson. Ole Miss still is in need of a quarterback and Trail will be coming to Oxford this coming weekend. As of this writing Trail does not have an Ole Miss offer, if it comes, and it is widely expected to his recruitment is likely done.

*Lock committed mere hours after that piece ran.

Where does that leave the Bearcats at QB for the 2015 class? Essentially starting over. Trail is the big target on the board, and if he looks elsewhere the Bearcats staff will need to expand their search.